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Maulana Muhammad Ali

A brief about Maulana Muhammad Ali

Born in 1874 in Punjab (India), Maulana Muhammad Ali (also known as Maulana Muhammad Ali Lahori) achieved a very high distinction in his academic studies and obtained degrees in English (M.A.) and Law (Ll. B.) by the year 1899. He joined the Ahmadiyya Movement in 1897.

As he stood on the threshold of a lucrative career in law in 1900, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, called on him to devote his life to the service of Islam. He forthwith abandoned his worldly plans and went and joined the Great Reformer in Qadian. Here he learnt those gems of Islamic truth which were uncovered in this age by Hazrat Mirza, through which Islam was now going to attract the hearts of people all over the world.

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What Eminent scholars and writers say about Maulana Muhammad Ali

Wakeel, Sunni Muslim Urdu newspaper

“We have seen the translation critically, and have no hesitation in remarking that the simplicity of its language and the correctness of the version are all enviable. The writer has kept his annotations altogether free from sectarian influence with wonderful impartiality, and has gathered together the wealth of authentic Muslim theology. He has also displayed great skill and wisdom in using the new weapons of defence in refuting the objections of the opponents of Islam.”

Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi

“To deny the excellence of Maulana Muhammad Ali’s translation, the influence it has exercised and its proselytising utility would be to deny the light of the sun. The translation certainly helped in bringing thousands of non-Muslims to the Muslim fold and hundreds of thousands of unbelievers much nearer Islam. Speaking of my own self, I gladly admit that this translation was one of the few books which brought me towards Islam fifteen or sixteen years ago when I was groping in darkness, atheism and scepticism. Even Maulana Muhammad Ali [Jauhar] of the Comrade was greatly enthralled by this translation and had nothing but praise for it.”

Islamic Digest Karachi

“This commentary of Maulana Muhammad Ali appeared in 1917, seventeen years before the commentary of Allama Abdullah Yusuf Ali. This is why the Allama, in the Preface of his commentary, besides mentioning other English commentaries, has also appreciated this commentary and written as follows: ‘Its Lahore Anjuman has published Maulvi Muhammad Ali's translation, first edition in 1917, which has passed through more than one edition. It is a scholarly work, and is equipped with adequate explanatory matter in the notes and the Preface, and a fairly full Index.’ ”

“Maulana Muhammad Ali’s name is a guarantee that the translation is as accurate as it could be, and a careful perusal of the work really justifies the expression of the opinion that few translations into English have reached such a high standard. … The book will not only serve to enable Muslims to know their Islam better, but will also dispel many of the fictions fostered in the minds of the non-Muslims regarding the Quran and the religion it preaches”

~ The Madras Mail, on 15 October 1929 

Review about Maulana Muhammad Ali Lahori